Photographs by Kathy serving NRV, Roanoke, Franklin Co., Henry Co. and NC
Weddings can be very expensive......
​Why not have your Dream Wedding with less cost...
​Wedding---Honeymoon--- Photography all included
At Keebee Bed & Breakfast & Vineyard in Spencer, there are vineyards surrounding the bed & breakfast that would be a beautiful background for your wedding.  The grounds of this venue can be rented for only $50 hr.  Also, there is a nice deck to enjoy with your guests as well as an area on the grounds that can be used for the reception with a grill available, if you decide on a simple reception.  Chairs will need to be rented by a rental company, but there are (8) long tables available on-site to rent at a minimal cost.

At Keebee Bed & Breakfast & Vineyard, there are (4) beautiful and comfortable rooms that can be rented by the groom and bride, as well as guests.  In the package, (1) room will be added in the package as a honeymoon suite, and all rooms are set at a wide range of cost.  ​​ Each person enjoying the stay will be provided a full breakfast along with their homemade Muscadine jam.

Photographs by Kathy will be providing the photography of the wedding, reception and photos at the site for portraits with families and friends, and as a couple.  My usual charge of $100 hr. will be reduced to $75 to help this Wedding Package to be at an affordable cost for you.  Just figure how many total hrs for the wedding and reception x $75. That will give you the subtotal, and just add the cost of which photo album (160 pg. or 200 pg.) you desire ranging from ($150-$200).  Enlargement package & DVDs can be purchased separately
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Keebee Bed & Breakfast & Vineyard
Call Kathy at Photographs by Kathy to discuss your wedding, honeymoon and photography at Keebee Bed & Breakfast, in order to check for date availability, as well as discuss your wedding needs, desires and interest for this Special Wedding Package.


Keebee Bed & Breakfast & Vineyard
​(4) hrs. on site x $50 = $200.....Largest Room--Honeymoon Suite $130.  Wedding Photography (4) hrs on site x $75 = $300,.  Photo Packages vary to be added.